Weather Line 2: New Features & Changing To Subscription

Our Pro plan is called “Supercharge” and includes a 7-day free trial, all the new features, and no Ads. It will be $1.99 per month, $0.83 per month ($9.99 billed annually), or $44.99 for a lifetime unlock.

Weather Line has long been by absolute favorite weather app, even when it lacked some of the nicer features of more comprehensive weather apps. Its ability to convey information clearly, simply, and most importantly, quickly kept me coming back. Like most API-reliant apps, Weather Line switched to a subscription-based model. Yet as much as I dislike subscriptions as much as the next guy, $9.99 per year is an absolute steal for the quality of this product. Bravo to Ryan and Deepak for their work with this update. You can snag Weather Line 2 on the App Store for free with a 7-day free trial subscription.